Waste Management

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Trash & Recycling


Trash and recycling pickup in the town outside the Village of East Aurora is handled through a contract with Waste Management. In addition to those services, some items like brush and trimmings are handled by the Highway Department. 



Garbage Collection Days By Street  


Upcoming Electronics Recycling Events


Upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events 


2024 Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Brochure
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Recycling Rules and Tips


Waste Management's "Recycle Often. Recycle Right." Program


What is Film Plastic?-New York DEC Bulletin

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Recycling and Composting Information


Erie County Department of Environmental and Planning Waste Management and Recycling Information


Guide to Recycling

Materials  What to Place in Recycling Box

What to Place in Trash.

Anything that comes with your regular newspapers. Magazines delivered to your home or purchased at  a newsstand. All Catalogs,  phone books and junk mail. Place in recycling box loose, or put next to recycling bin in paper bags. Put junk mail and writing paper in paper bags. 


Napkins, tissue paper, paper towels, wax paper, wrapping paper.
Recycle all brown corrugated cardboard. Brown paper bags. Box board (shoeboxes, gift boxes, cereal boxes) Remove all tape, staples and strapping. Break down all boxes in 3 feet x 3 feet sections. Small pieces in brown bags. Waxed corrugated, cardboard lined with foam, cores from carpet rolls or any items made of laminated sheets of paper or cardboard. NO pizza boxes.
All clear, green and brown food and beverage containers Wash containers. Remove lids and caps. Labels DO NOT have to be removed. Put all containers & METAL lids and caps in recycling bin. Ceramic bottles and other ceramic items, flower pots, crystal, light bulbs, mirror & window glass, heat resistant ovenware, hypodermic syringes, eye-glasses
All metal food & Beverage containers (cans). Metal lids, closure caps, and aluminum pie tins. Wash containers. Remove lids and caps. Labels DO NOT have to be removed Propane cylinders, silverware, metal/cardboard containers (frozen juice or motor oil), small appliances, metal cookware, tin foil or hypodermic needles.
Plastic food, soap & beverage containers with threaded caps (Screw on lids) Wash containers. Only small-necked containers. NO wide mouth containers such as yogurt and cottage cheese even if they are labeled with the recycling symbol. NO Styrofoam. NO deli-containers. NO microwave containers Anti-freeze or motor oil containers, furniture, plates, plastic bags, tableware, medicine bottles, Plexiglas, fast food containers, snack bags, yogurt & cottage cheese containers and Tupperware (because of residue).
Gable top beverages. Containers including those with plastic spouts.Remove lids. Rinse and empty. Place in recycling bin with other containers. DO NOT mix cartons with newspaper or corrugated cardboard. Straws from drink boxes. Frozen food containers. Waxed paper or drink pouches.

Please make sure your recycling bin is visible for collection.  Moving?  Remember the bin stays with the house.