Douglas Crow, Chairman
(term ends 2030) 

Timothy Stroth
(term ends 2024)

Christopher Contento
(term ends 2025)

Laurie Kutina 
(term ends 2026)

Norman R. Merriman
(term ends 2027)

Jeanne Leccese Beiter
(term ends 2028)

Angela Griffis
(term ends 2029)


Alice Brown


Dolly Bailey

Planning and Conservation Boards

The Planning Board reviews all development projects and subdivision developments, and makes recommendations on all commercial, industrial, and business development.

This board also makes recommendations regarding proposed changes to the ordinance and has assisted in the development of a master development plan for the town.

Zoning and development issues are handled through the Building and Code Enforcement Department.


The board generally meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m., at the Aurora Municipal Center, 575 Oakwood Ave., East Aurora. For a detailed list of town meetings, agendas and minutes, visit the Meetings Page.


Concept Review

Have a project in mind? Come talk to us; we're here to help! A Concept (preliminary) Review may be scheduled for an informal discussion with the Town of Aurora Planning and Conservation Board regarding the feasibility of a project. It is intended to provide petitioners with guidance and direction prior to formally submitting a project for review to the Town Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. A Concept Review may occur at any scheduled Planning Board meeting. Materials presented as part of a Concept Review may be incomplete and/or conceptual in design. To be added to a Planning Board agenda (meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month), please email the Planning Board secretary at