Other Services

Solicitor's Permits

Canvassers and solicitors in the Town of Aurora must obtain a permit from the Town Clerk's Office. Permit applications are available from the Town Clerk's Office. CLICK HERE for the town code. To review the section pertaining to solicitors permits, type Solicitors in the search box.

Notary Public

The Town Clerk and the Deputy Town Clerk are Notary Publics. We are available during regular business hours. Proper identification (driver's license or non-driver's ID) must be submitted and the person signing must be present. This service is free.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Law provides that all records be accessible to the public except for those records that fall within specific exemptions. Records can be obtained from the Town by submitting the request in writing either by mail or by stopping by the Town Clerk's Office. A fee of $.25 per page is charged.

Voter Registration

U.S. citizens 18 years of age and older are eligible to vote, provided they are properly registered. All voter registration is done by mail. Forms are available at the Town Clerk's Office, and may be picked up in person or will be mailed upon request. The registration form must be completed and mailed to the Erie County Board of Elections, 134 West Eagle Street, Buffalo, NY 14202.

Absentee Ballots

Applying for an absentee ballot is a two-step process. Application forms are available from the Board of Elections or from the Town Clerk's Office and must be completed and returned to the Board of Elections, 134 West Eagle Street, Buffalo, NY 14202. The Board of Elections will then mail the ballot to the applicant and must be returned before the deadline specified by the Board of Elections.

Election Workers

Anyone interested in becoming an election inspector should contact the Erie County Board of Elections directly at (716) 858-8891.


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