Supervisor James J. Bach
(Two-year term ends Dec. 31, 2023) 

Councilman & Deputy Supervisor 
Charles D. Snyder
(Four-year term ends Dec. 31, 2023)

Councilman Luke E. Wochensky
(Four-year term ends Dec. 31, 2023)

Councilman James F. Granville
(Four-year term ends Dec. 31, 2025) 

Councilman Joseph M. McCann
(Four-year term ends Dec. 31, 2025)



Town Board

The Aurora Town Board is comprised of four councilmembers, all elected at-large (representing the entire town, not a specific area), and the supervisor. Together, these five elected officials comprise the legislative branch of our government. Each member has one vote with a majority vote required for the passage of most legislation.

The Town Board generally meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at the Aurora Municipal Center, 575 Oakwood Avenue. For specific meeting dates and times, please visit the Meeting Schedule Page.